Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Xtreme Close-Up: A Hero, A Hottie, A Hayden Panettiere

Little Hayden. Those eyebrows were there all along

Nicks: Hayd and Mushroom. Probably has something to do with her being 5′1.

The girl’s a pro: She pretty much did it all – commercials, soap operas, Ally McBeal crap, Malcolm in the Middle style, B movies, B+ movies, animated movies, video games, what not? Bitch is for rent.

My hero: The main reason Hayden’s face is recently smeared all over the place is her role as Claire Bennet, the Cheerleader with healing powers, on Heroes. Well, that and the fact that she is currently everyone’s favorite hottie.

Hayden and Milo. At least she’s legal now

Friend with benefit: Even though it’s not officially confirmed, most people think Hayden is dating her Heroes co-star, Milo Ventimiglia (what’s with the weird names?). There’s already a joint nickname: Halo. Whatever. It’s not really interesting.

Upskirt victory: The paparazzi have been chasing Hayden forever in attempts to get a good shot at her panties, but she’s always acting very lady-like and hides them well. It was only recently that the photogs got what they were after. Oh, glorious moment.

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